Sunday, 27 January 2008

Burns Night with a Twist

January 25th in marks the birthday of the Scottish poet Robert Burns. To honour his legacy, many people host or attend a Burns' Supper. A typical Burns' Supper consists of Cock-a-leekie soup, followed by Haggis, Neeps and Tatties, and ends with a dessert like trifle or cranachan. Throughout the evening Burns' poetry is recited, the highlight of which is the Address to a Haggis.

Last night we hosted a Burns Supper with a Twist. The twist was for everyone to take a non-traditional approach to any aspect of the celebration. We pulled down some poetry books from our shelves and read favourites to each other, ate lots, drank more, and had a fab evening with some really cool folk.

Here's a selection of what we had:

Haggis tartlets with red onion marmalade

Haggis nachos

(this is a photo of the nachos in progress)


Cranachan parfait

(this was the STAR of the evening courtesy of our good friend Ian)

(ok this has no relation to a traditional Burns supper, but i've been wanting to try out the recipe!)

We also enjoyed Spicy parsnip soup and haggis mousaka (courtesy of our friend Perry) which was all washed down with the Thistle cocktails. (a blend of scotch, angostora bitters and sweet vermoth) Slainte!

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