Saturday, 22 March 2008

Film projects and dinner with Erick at Cafe Mao

Our friend Erick just returned from a 2-week holiday in South Africa. We thought it would be nice to catch up on his adventures over a meal at Cafe Mao in Merchant City. We decided to meet up on Wednesday. Unfortunately, Wednesday is content-refresh day at WeeWorld, where i work, and there were some last minute glitches. I was late getting to the restaurant which meant i missed most of the catch-up. Apparently there were tales of shark baiting and over the top wine tasting at some local vineyards. By the time i got there Kelsie and Erick had finished their cocktails. I caught up with a Mao-Mao cocktail which had a nice kick.

Conversation moved on to Kelsie's latest film project for her course at SAE. The film, Sofa Stories is a 5-minute scene written by Erick, directed, filmed and edited by Kelsie, and starring our two friends Sally and Lorna. I got to help out with sound and food of course.

Kelsie's next project will be another Erick Ullrich script. And the rest of the evening was spent discussing logistics and the screenplay. Let's just say that Erick left the restaurant with an assignment to finish the script!

Cafe Mao was a great place to have our catch-up with Erick. It was still early in the week so the place wasn't full. We order three different starters: Roast pumpkin spring rolls, Chilli squid and Chicken satays. All of them were tasty and the only downside was the wilted herbs and lettuce that came with the spring rolls. The mains were a disappointment. Erick and Kelsie both ordered the Chilli Lime Beef and I ordered the Chilli Plum Duck. Both dishes were overpowered by their sauces, and to be honest they were hard to tell apart. See for yourself below:

Our general consensus is that we'll probably not go back for a dinner, but would consider Cafe Mao again for drinks and starters.

CAFE MAO / 84 Brunswick Street, Merchant City, Glasgow, G1 1ZZ / 0141 564 5161

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