Sunday, 25 January 2009

I love borough market

We've been meaning to check out Borough Market for a while now and finally took the opportunity to go yesterday. (Note to self: either go really early next time OR during the week.) We emerged from the underground station not really knowing which direction to walk and decided to follow the rest of the throngs. It was literally right around the corner. I actually had to turn away from it and collect myself -- i was starting to get that hyperventilating, twitchy, glazed eye feeling that i've experienced in the past in places like the Boqueriea in Barcelona.

With nerves of steel we took our first steps in, and immediately stopped at an Oyster stand selling 4 different varieties, shucked right there and served with a lemon with shallot and vinegar sauce at the ready. YUM!

Kelsie advised on a systematic approach: first we'd tackle the perimeter and then work our way in. It didn't quite work because at every turn there were more delights to greet me.

Finally we had circumnavigated the entire market and i was poised and ready to buy something for dinner. Scallops of course!

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