Monday, 28 September 2009

A Dim Sum Feast at Leongs Legends

When I lived in NYC, one of my frequent Sunday brunch destinations was the Vegetarian Dim Sum House on Pell street. I was a vegetarian then, but even if I hadn't been this place rocked. You'd have to get the timing right otherwise you'd have to join the ever increasing queue of people wanting the same thing: impecable dim sum of all shaped and sizes. My dining partner and I would systematically work our way through the entire list from start to finish back to start again over several meals. We even saved a copy to rate the ones we particularly liked/disliked.

Fast forward quite a few years and now that Kelsie and I living in London I've been hoping to resurrect this tradition. Lucky for me, World Foodie Guide has done a stellar job of providing a list of the best dim sum places London has to offer.

On this particular Sunday we had organised a reunion of sorts as our dear friend Cat was on her way home to Aberdeen via London, our other friend Kim has recently moved to Londonm as has our friend David and Jorge who happen to have moved quite close to where we are in Crouch End. We were also joined by Marco, another Aberdonian transplant.

The best thing about going for dim sum with such a large group of people is that you really can try everything on the list in just one go! And that's exactly what we did. Unfortunately i wasn't as systematic as i was in the past, and couldn't really tell you what all the dishes were. But they were delicious indeed. And we're hoping to organise another dim sum fest really soon.

Here's a selection of Kelsie's photos from the afternoon:

Leong’s Legends on Urbanspoon


Lizzie said...

It looks like you had cold tofu with century egg (top photo), yau cha gwai (fried dough stick) which you usually dip in congee. Not sure what the one surrounded with seaweed is, but definitely siu mai (pork and prawn in the wonton wrapper) and the delicious soup dumplings, xiao long bao - Leong's Legends do great ones. It such perfect brunch food, isn't it?

kelsie and mel said...

thanks for letting me know what we ate. i don't remember getting congee with the dough sticks but it would make sense to serve them together. all of it was divine. can't wait to go back and do it all again.

Anonymous said...

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Heidi said...

Hey Mel and Kelsie,

My friend and I met the other day here after I looked on your blog for a reco. :)

It was fabulous!!!

A note for others: They have more dim sum than what's on their menu. They give you a sheet a paper to order from (like sushi bars) and there are more on offer that are delish.

Thanks for the reco!!!
Hope you are both well.