Monday, 13 December 2010

Wo isst man Phở?:

We are on a new quest in Berlin. We are in search of the best places to eat Phở. There are a few reasons why....

  • we had just started to find amazing places in London to eat this fine soup before we upped and moved (again). Most memorable was Pho where we had the good luck to be able to take a peek in their kitchen and see the magic happening in their stock was a heady, breathtaking smell, that stock...i am salivating just thinking about it:

    we also had great Phở at our local vietnamese Khoai in crouch end, and at a few of the places dotted along Kingsland road. So the bar has been set with those experiences and we want to try more!

  • it's dark and cold in berlin right now, and probably will be for another 2 months. nothing beckons more loudly in this kind of environment than a steaming bowl of noodle soup. perfect conditions for our voyage of discovery.

  • there is a sizeable Vietnamese community in Berlin. so surely there must some good Phở

We'll be focusing on Pho with beef brisket. We'll use a rating scale of 1-5 for the following criteria that we feel are important to a good Phở

  • Flavour of the broth. We're looking for depth of flavour here. Something that says this soup has been cooked with care and attention to the combination of herbs and spices as well as good meat.

  • Quantity of fresh herbs in relation to the rest of the soup. We like LOTS of fresh herbs that we can add to the soup as wanted. Definitely a must is fresh coriander and a plus is a squeeze of lime.

  • Price/Quantity. A big bowl of steaming soup for under 7€ will do very nicely thank you.

And to help you all follow us on our quest through Berlin we'll be adding our reviews to foodspotting and qype.

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