Sunday, 20 February 2011

Wo isst man Phở?: Tran Pho House (17/15)

Our second stop in our Pho quest took us to Tran Pho House in Charlottenburg. We went on a freezing sunday afternoon following a week of me being sick with bronchitis. A steaming hot bowl of noodles and beef seemed like the perfect antidote.

And it fulfilled it's promise on all fronts. We have no complaints and, compared to our last Pho venture we're now hopeful that there are more gems like this in Berlin waiting to be found.

On to the ratings:

  • Flavour of the broth: good body, color and flavour. it wasn't overly aromatic but had a well developed flavour. the flavours that stood out the most were fish sauce and star anise. Score: 3/5

  • Quantity of fresh herbs in relation to the soup: All that we wished for and more! Along with the bowls of soup we were given a plate heaped with fresh herbs, bean sprouts, chilies and lime. The herbs were thai basil, mint, something like watercress and another green that i'm not sure what it was. i kept topping up my bowl with more herbs throughout the meal. Score: 5/5 +2 because they were generous and it was what i was hoping for.

  • Price/Quantity: At 7.90€ for a huge bowl there was no argument that this was definitely good value. Score: 5/5.

Summary: Along with some excellent rice paper starters, a pot of fresh ginger tea and a saigon beer our two bowls of Pho kept us satiated for the rest of the day.

Service was attentive and the space had a really cool altar as well as open plan kitchen where you can see your meal being put together. Next time we go we'll get a shot of that as well. Our one and only complaint was the cheezy jazz that was being piped in.

Total score: 15/15

Tran Pho House
Kantstrasse 33, 10625 Berlin



Luisa said...

Hooray! I have yet to find really wonderful pho with the little side plate of good, fresh herbs and chili. So excited to try this, and right in my neighborhood, too. Hope you're feeling better!

multikulinaria said...

Probably not the very best place for Pho but a place for feeling very much in Vietnam is the Dong Xuan Center in Berlin Lichtenberg. Amidst all the copied designer clothes made in Vietnam and stores packed with asian food and kitchen supply, a few stalls serving Pho are scattered.

kelsie and mel said...

@Luisa -- we definitely will go back there. will let you know when we do!

@multikulinaria -- Dong Xuan Center is definitely on the list of places to go. thanks for the link :-)

i'm hoping we can find a decent pho place in every berlin district. will have to try again for spandau though.

Anonymous said...

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