Sunday, 11 November 2012

Oleoturismo: a mini road trip in search of olive oil

It all started with me doing a google search for "slow food sitges". I found out about two slow food restaurants right on our doorstep and widened the search to Tarragona which is high on my list of places to visit. There are lots of roman ruins there and three more slow food restaurants.
One that stood out to me is called El Celler de l'Aspic. I became fb friend with them and the other day they posted that their supplier just released this year's olive oil.
So then i became fb friends with the Cooperativa Agricola Riudecanyes.
And i found out they have a shop where you can buy their products.
And for the past three days i have been harrassing kelsie about doing a mini road trip to visit them. Because well, we finally finally got a new car. This wasn't too bad for a first road trip. It's about an hour and some on the toll road. The tolls one way add up to almost 8€. You basically drive down the coast past Tarragona and then head a few miles into the hills. When we arrived in Riudecanyes we managed to catch the last cars that were driving through on the RallyRACC catalunya-Cost Dorada Race. The town was heaving with spectators. They were there to see the cars and we were there to see the olive oil.
The man at the shop was really helpful and explained the difference between the filtered and unfiltered oils. We bought a couple lires of the filtered. It's more fruity than grassy and is going to be enjoyed as long as we can make it last. We also picked up some tapenade made from the same arbequina olives, some moscatel and a package of hazlenuta.
In the same building as the shop is a small info area showing how olive oil produced from harvest to bottle as well as descriptions about the other fruits of the local countryside.
If you are further afield than a mini road trip, fear not! They also have an online shop where you can order direct.

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