Wednesday, 6 August 2008


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so on a rainy glasgow last friday mel and i booked a table at cafezique. its a place that ive been wanting to go for a little while. its only been open for a few months. the space where its at was formerly occupied by its bigger sister of delizique who has moved up the street a bit. despite the rain that evening the place inside feels bright and welcoming. we were attended to quickly, shown our table, given menus and ordered drinks. bam! the menu looked gooooood. ooh ooh mussels oooh crabcakes and both were on as starters. no worries i was able to order a bigger main crabcake. hoorah!!! mel ordered a green salad that was divine for a starter and sirloin steak for main. she ordered it blue/rare. it came rare but she still liked it. its soo comfortable in cafezique. simple lines, minimal but just enough and quirky touches like the old school blackboard that hosts the menu. the bar is well stocked and wine choice good. great. perfect evening. it reminded us of eating in new york. and thats saying something for a rainy day in glasgow!!!

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Wendy said...

Note taken.
We don't often come down to Glasgow but when we do I never know where to eat and all of David's old uni' haunts are either gone or are pubs. And sometimes you just don't want a pub!