Tuesday, 16 September 2008

on food and love

Like Kelsie said, it was our anniversary yesterday. i thought it would be nice to add a wee comment about our relationship and food.
So I first met Kelsie online. I can clearly remember some of our early conversations. We used to ask each other what the other was eating. One time Kelsie said 'tortilla' and at that time i had never heard of or tried spanish tortilla. I thought she was talking about a flour or corn tortilla, which i thought was strange! Another time she told me she was eating 'salad'. Not enough information! I wanted to know to the last detail what was in that salad so that i could imagine eating it with her. I used to take photos of what i was eating and send them to her.
When Kelsie came to visit me in Toronto we decided to make our own ravioli. We didn't have a pasta maker so rolled the dough out by hand. It was, THICK and not very nice, but we both put on brave faces and ate as much as we could.
When i visited her in Aberdeen for the first time we decided to stay in and make risotto. Until this day, making risotto is something best done with the one you love next to you. Cos while you're stirring the rice, you can sip on a glass o wine and whisper sweet nothings to each other.
So much of our relationship has been about our shared love of food. We've introduced each other to new delights and have enjoyed discovering more together.
Love and food. Food and love. What more does a gal need?

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Wendy said...

A very belated congratulations to you both! :)