Sunday, 14 August 2011

15th Annual Berlin Beer Festival 2011

It's that time of year again, and despite the muggy day, we made our way down to the annual Berlin Beer Mile.

Last year the theme was Beer Makes Us Friends. This year the theme was focused on gaining a world record for the largest beer garden. They made the attempt on the last day of the festival. I'm not sure if they got the world record or not as we were at the festival on Saturday.

In many respects it was exactly like last year's fest and I suppose we're a year more wise to how these kinds of things are run. We were sad to hear that one of our favourite breweries BrewDog from NE Scotland was not going to be here this year.

Wandering up and down the mile we remarked to ourselves that it's a lot like the Christmas markets only much warmer -- same food (grilled bratwurst, nackensteak), same gingerbread hearts on sale, and plenty of good stuff to drink (beer of course, instead of Gluhwein and Eierlikor).

Our first stop was the Astra stall for a krug. This was followed by Derer Schwarzbier by which time we were hungry.

Our first snack was from a busy stall selling thick slices of rye bread slathered with schmalz. Think lard with bits of crunchy crakling in it. It works great with beer and I finished my slice in no time.

We moved on to try some Dunkel beer, and then some Delirium cherry beer which apparently is the best beer in the world.

By this time we were ready for our next bit of food. This year we went for the American style burgers which were a bit light on the meat side (125g burgers) but pretty generous on the toppings -- lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, and special sauce.

Hot, bloated and tired we said goodbye to this year's festivities and made the long journey back up to Spandau.

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