Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Just Dim Sum

The formula is pretty simple:

1 grey and drizzly Sunday
1 relatively empty fridge because we didn't do our weekly shop the day before and all* the shops are closed
2 hungry Travels With My Fork wanderers
= an afternoon meal at newly discovered Just Dim Sum restaurant

Just Dim Sum sits on a quiet street, just around the corner from Tauenzienstrasse. When we got there at 1 pm it was not as crowded as it had been the week before when we discovered it. As we walked in our hostess ushered us to the section on the right side of the restaurant.

The restaurant is decorated with idiosyncratic furniture -- high backed chairs with extremely low seats (they have cushions on hand to boost you). There is a view to the kitchen from the eating area. The lighting was nice -- brightly coloured shades that were arranged like a constellation around the ceiling.

We had a quick scan of the menu. There was a section at the front with dim sum items (about 20 or do) and other main dishes. We decided to stick with the dim sum and ordered two each. The dishes came out as they were ready.:

Steamed shrimp and pork dumpling shao mai (3,80)

Exactly what it says on the tin. The wrapper had a nice consistency, not too chewy. The filling could have used a bit more seasoning but was fine. These were good dipped in the soy-vinegar sauce they ahd on the table along with plain soy sauce and fiery chili sauce.

BBQ pork rice noodle roll (3,80)

Silky smooth rice noodle rolls filled with carnita-like bits of barbecued pork. The pork was a bit dried out, the noodles were a nice consistency and the sauce was good. This one was my favourite of the meal.

Shrimp rice noodle roll (4,20) -- this was just like the pork one only with shrimp.

Fried pork dumplings (3,80)

The dumplings were just the right kind of crispy where they had been fried on one side. The pork filling was also well flavoured. This was Kelsie's favourite one.

Still hungry we decided to order two more dishes:

Lushui tofu (2,80)

This was marinated and braised tofu on a bed of raw peanuts. Being allergic to peanuts Kelsie didn't try this. I really like the peanuts but the tofu was chewy and could have used even more marinade.

Roasted duck (6,80)
Crispy pieced of roast duck with lots of flavourful crackling. We really enjoyed finishing off the meal with this dish.

On the day we came the EC card machine was kaputt so i had to dash down the block to a Deutsche Bank to take out some cash.

I really want to say that Just Dim Sum was outstanding, but it wasn't. It certainly can fulfill a craving for dim sum but I don't think we'll be regular visitors here. When we tweeted about our recent discovery more than one person tweeted back -- is it good? is it the real thing? It wasn't like here. By a long stretch. And in retrospect I'm wondering if maybe we got the Western menu instead of the Chinese menu. I'm willing to give it another go and find out!

Just Dim Sum
Ansbacher Straße 8, 10787 Berlin, Germany
Tel: 030 54856678

* actually on the same day we discovered Ullrich right across from the Zoo station. it's open on sunday's until 10 pm! our new favourite :-)


Siepert77 said...

i've heard a couple of good things about, a dim sum place right opposite the chinese embassy, that in itself is probably a good sign. however with dim sum as a concept not firmly established in berlin's culinary landscape restaurants unfortunately don't get enough detailed feedback like yours to improve.

kelsie and mel said...

@Siepert77 -- thanks for the tip. we'll check out ming dynastie to0.

we're going back to Just Dim Sum to try again. have a feeling we may have gotten the Western menu instead of the Chinese menu.