Thursday, 15 March 2012

Lunch Adventures: Mayura Lounge


Indian food for a Spanish palate. For lunch you have a choice between the Indian thali menu or the Mediterranean menu. The thali menu on this particular day had: samosa, chicken saag, rice, lentils, vegetable curry and chapatis. The menu also includes drink (i paid extra for a Cobra beer) and dessert (i chose mango lassi). There are several supplement options if you want additional items like pakoras or a meat other than chicken. Overall the food was nicely spiced but not overly hot. The green chile chutney gave everything a nice extra kick of heat.

Mostly lounge style seating consisting of low sofas/chairs with lots of cushions. Our group sat at the long bar which is divided in the middle by a water feature. Hint: if you sit at the bar you get a discount on the price of the menu.


menus came in english and spanish. our orders were taken quickly and the food came out pretty fast. paying took a bit longer because we were each paying separately.

11.80 for the indian menu

Calle Girona, 57 Barcelona
Tel: 934 814 536

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