Thursday, 15 March 2012

New Series: Lunch Adventures with Restaurant Tickets

One of the best perks from my new job at Xing is the booklet of Sodexo restaurant tickets that I get every month. Each booklet has 43 tickets, each ticket is worth 3 euros. Most of the restaurants around where we work accept these tickets in lieu of cash. This amounts to 129 euros tax-free each month. Can't beat that! It's also a really good way to encourage us to get to know our work colleagues better as we inevitably go for lunch together in a group. Such a nice contrast to the rushed sandwich or tupperware leftovers eaten at your desk, in front of the computer.

The Lunch Adventures posts are going to be all about where we go for lunch and what we eat. And don't forget, if you have Sodexo restaurant tickets, all the places i write about accept them.

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