Thursday, 3 April 2008

eggs n rice oh yeah

eggs n rice oh yeah
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So when Mel and I first started living in New York together we would share recipes of quick snacks and things we like to eat when we are in a rush. She told me bout rice and eggs and when she told me I couldn't get it. Why would anyone wanna eat fried eggs with boiled rice for a snack? But I gave it a go. And I liked it. She told me the story of how her mum would serve this up at home as a quick meal. Very often the dish would contain a slice or two of spam. Apparently its what they eat for breakfast in the Philippines; often accompanied by fresh fruit. These days I often have this for breakfast or even lunch now. I use 2 fresh organic eggs fried up in some butter. I cook one cup of basmati rice in two cups of water (trying not to burn the rice!!) and top it all of with a few dashes of soy sauce. Mels ma likes to use kikomans and if its good enough for mels ma its good enough for me. Mel likes hers with hot sauce on top. The odd bottle of Tsingtao helps to wash it all down too. (but maybe not for breakfast!)

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