Tuesday, 17 June 2008

lornas birthday posh nosh

last friday we were invited to michael caines at abode restaurant. it was for lorna's birthday posh nosh meal. the food was fab. the restaurant was half empty but we were pampered. not true to form tho i forgot to bring my camera so thanks to lorna for providing these pics via karen and antonia. on the left is melon soup with parma ham foam. on the right is halibut. i had the beef which was excellent but i couldnt finish. the meal started with mc blanc de blancs champers which according to the people sat at the table either smelled like grass or toasted almond biscuits. i was in the latter category. they have a good choice on their wine list too and myself and lorna's brother, roger, were assigned the task of choosing. a rioja for the red and italian pino grigio for the white. and no i cant remember the exact wineries. i didnt have my camera or a note book!!! we had other mise en bouche which means put in the mouth,
and amuse bouche which means please the mouth. foam was the talk of the table! well at least tween me, mel and roger. according to wikipedia foam is a culinary technique invented by Spanish chef Ferran Adrià and consist of natural flavors (like fruit juices, savory essences) mixed with a gelling agent such as agar, and extruded through a whipped cream canister equipped with N2O cartridges. Foams have been described as "airy," with the flavor taking precedence over the substance it is suspended in. oooo errr missus. mel and roger reckoned we could make a fortune with foam bars. look out new york city we are gotta beat you to it!!!

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