Friday, 27 June 2008

raspberry and chocolate cupcakes

wimbledon time and none of this strawberry and cream malarky for me oh no! been there done that spilled the stuff down my top at wimbledon in the 90s mainly due to the fact that i had just realised how much i had paid for it!!!! so yes wimbledon is on the telly and i aint busy at the moment so i am enjoying watching andy murray kick ass. (steady steady its only week 1!!) so, after the deflation of my macaroon disaster
( i must remember to take eggs outa the fridge and age the whites: see post below) anyhoo i fancied sommot sweet and cupcakes are the way to go. basic cupcake, fairy cake recipe can be found anywhere so i aint gonna bother posting a link. for the topping i melted 125g dark chocolate and blended with 125ml of cream and splodged on top. oh and i added slightly mushed raspberries to the sponge mixture. now the perfect partner to these is beer. and sierra nevada is great. can be found in tescos and other annoying money grabbing supermarkets if you cant source it elsewhere. one of the better american ales. from california. hey they make good wine there dont they?!! unfortunately, they are much like the french and keep the best stuff for themselves. thats why im soooo looking forward going to nantes in sept/oct to try some. ian take note. start sourcing now. cant imagine it will be hard job tho. there is all of this on offer.
so yes eat drink and watch tennis. at least for a wee while.

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