Tuesday, 17 June 2008

lunch in san jose

lunch in san jose
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mel and i recently returned from a holiday in cabo de gata natural park in the south of spain. The world is lucky that this part of spain was never developed for tourism. This was due mainly to the fact the area is so arid and that it would have been too much work to figure out how to get enough water to the place. So somebody came up with the idea to protect the area instead. fab coz when they finally figured out how to get water there it was too late. the area was already protected and now they cant touch it. unfortunately tho the area just outside the park is covered in poly tunnels which totally spoils the landscape. the spanish are divided over the use of poly tunnels. many claiming it brings industry and money into the area. part of the organic box scheme we get each week comes from a poly tunnel farm near almeria. i dont know enough about it to judge at the moment. all i do know is that i like my tomatoes and other veggies to have the sun touch em and affect the taste. anyhoo. i have long been tempting mel with the idea of grilled fish in the south of spain. one of my experiences of traveling in spain on my own involved walking along the coastline and tasting the sardines cooked fresh on the beach in little chiringitos. so yes we had lots of grilled fish in cabo de gata along with paella, meats and cheeses and lots and lots of wine. mel will elaborate more on all what we had later. for the meantime enjoy these pics.
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