Tuesday, 8 July 2008

the contenders (beer tasting)

the contenders
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we had a wee pot luck at dave wagners hang out last sat nite. each person either prepares a starter, main or dessert. i decided to provide the beer for an ale tasting.
the ales i chose were:

sierra nevada pale ale http://www.sierranevada.com/
ben nevis ruby red http://www.bridgeofallan.co.uk
anchor steam http://www.anchorbrewing.com/
brew dog punk ipa http://www.brewdog.com/
badger harvester http://www.furstyferret.com/
williams brothers midnight sun. http://www.williamsbrosbrew.com/

the results were as follows: (1= euch! 5=yum)
sierra nevada 3.32
combined tasting notes were
appearance: foamy, like a frothy shoreline
smell: slightly hoppy, fruity, sweet
taste: sweet, butter, pears or berries, mild hop or cream
mouthfeel: smooth, inviting, tingly
how drinkable: not very, too bitter, could have a good numer. 1 or 2 max

ben nevis ruby red 3.22
appearance: mid brown rather than amber
smell: sweet, pleasant
taste: creamy, sweet
mouthfeel: soft and gentle,
how drinkable: very, fairly 2/3 bottles

anchor steam 3.44
appearance: caramel golden, smally grainy head, orangey froth
smell: fruit, sweet
taste: rich tasting with a sweet balanced aftertaste, hint of copper
mouthfeel: not too fizzy, not too heavy
how drinkable: very, fairly, pretty good, 1 or 2 max

punk ipa 2.6
appearance: strawlike yellow, pale yellow
smell: hoppy, hoptastic
taste: soapy,hoppy, sour, bitter
mouthfeel: gassy, fizzy, thick, sharp and tangy
how drinkable: not very, good on a hot day
other comments: brewers with balls!

harvester 2.6
appearance: pale and frothy, watered down irn bru
smell: oddly sweet, a hint of soapy socks
taste: subtle, soft, nothing inspiring just wet
mouthfeel: slightly frothy, too carbonated
how drinkable: very, easy to drink but little reward in the end

midnight sun 3.74
appearance: stout like, good thick colour, like cola
smell: guinness, malty, chocolate malt, salami
taste: heavy smoothe, bittersweet, full, chocolate syrup
mouthfeel: creamy, like being cuddled by a baby blanket, frothy
how drinkable: good with salami sandwich, very(kev), 1 or 2

looks like midnight sun is the winner and thanks to dave et al for a nice night!! check out daves pics http://www.flickr.com/photos/praxinoscope/sets/72157606073794657/

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