Thursday, 17 July 2008

Review: Bar 5, Fishguard

Finally, finally finally I got some lobster! It's been ages since i've had some. I can't remember when the last time was. Bar 5 is one of a handful of restaurants in Fishguard that we're wanting to try out this holiday. We took a chance and went there without booking a reservation first. Luck was on our side and we were able to get a table immediately.
Initial impressions of the space were positive: modern, sleek lines that manage to complement the style of the listed building. The bar area is well lit, and there is a picture window with seating that overlooks the sea.
After finishing our drinks at the bar we were taken to our table. We immediately went for the grilled lobster and ordered 2 sides of new potatoes and green salad with vinaigrette. Not knowing how big the lobster was going to be we opted out of a starter. The grilled lobster was sweet and succulent and left me wanting more!
All in all the food was flawless and well prepared.
Our only complaint would be about the service. Between our main and the cheese board we ordered the wait stretched on to an excruciating 30 or 40 minutes. To our server's credit he took the chocolate cake with chocolate sauce off the bill and apoplogised for the delay.
If we're ever in Fishguard again we'll definitely plan on going back to Bar 5.

Bar 5 / Main Street, Fishguard / 01348 875050

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